You Are Not My Father, South Bund

Yesterday I participated in the first “Blog Talks” event organized by Sandy Chu of I really enjoyed presenting CPHNS (as well as and, but I also loved hearing other people talk about their blogs and why they write what they do. Although they covered as diverse of topics as fashion, personal style, cooking, and general interest blogs, there was one unifying theme: all these blogs were very personal.

It was inspiring and uplifting to be around people who also write about what they love, and have a way to share it with the world… I write CPHNS because I love studying Chinese street style, and it’s so cool that I can share my pictures and thoughts with people everywhere.

So to commemorate and remind people of the personal nature of blogs around the world, I tried to find the most “personal” picture I could find… But I don’t usually post pictures of myself on CPHNS, so I thought this picture below (taken at DAFF) was the best candidate for a “personal” photo that I’ve taken:

Albeit a bit weird, it could just be a Star Wars reference, in which case it’s awesome… I have a ton of “literal” pictures, which seemed to be a big hit at the blog talks, so I’ll try and post more in the future.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event, and all of the wonderful readers out there!!