Ba Ba’s Suspenders, French Concession

Father’s Day is coming up, and this morning I saw a couple of Chinese men that reminded me of this special day… You see, older Chinese men, similar to my American Grandpa, love suspenders!

Obviously Chinese men prefer to pair this cool accessory with a less-than-cool fake Burberry shirt (my Mom insists that this is just “a pattern that Asian people like”… She’s Korean). But regardless of his choice of shirt, I give him serious props for his suspenders.

And this Chinese guy gets major props for wearing suspenders while also riding a bike… I can’t think of a better combo:

This Chinese guy’s suspenders are also quite dapper, but then again, it’s hard to go wrong with suspenders…

So it’s not that my Grandpa looked anything like this Chinese guy (he was a white American, and quite a bit older) that reminded me of him, but they at least shared a fondness for this always appropriate accessory… So the sartorial connection naturally made me think of my Grandpa and everything he gave me, including my wonderful Dad.

My Dad looks nothing like this Chinese guy, and he doesn’t like suspenders, but I’m still recently thinking about and grateful for everything my Dad gave me… So remember Father’s Day is June 17th, and if you haven’t gotten you Dad anything yet, consider a pair of suspenders!! They are always cool, no matter who wears them!