Freeway Turtles, Beijing

So I haven’t posted in a few days because I had an impromptu trip to Beijing… And as I was already running late to catch my flight, I didn’t schedule any posts while I was away, so I’ll try and post more regularly in the coming weeks.

So anyway, I had these two pictures queuing from my last trip to Beijing that I meant to post before my trip:

Confused? Well I was too. But you’re vision is just fine, things are just as they appear… On one of my previous trips to the Capital, I was solicited by multiple Chinese people on the freeway trying to sell cell phone chargers and turtles:

I thought the first guy was just some random, wacky street vendor… But there were multiple people selling cell phone chargers and turtles!! I don’t think they do that in Shanghai, so does anyone have an explanation?!