Off the Grid, Not in Shanghai

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but I have 3 good reasons why:

1 – I have a new job, and it’s not really in Shanghai… I’m spending a ton of time every day traveling back and forth, so even though I don’t have time to post, I still have the opportunity to take lots of pictures in a totally new section of Shanghai.

2 – I’m in the midst of relaunching CPHNS, and launching some new blogs, so look out for that!

3 – I used my iPhone to take pictures during a water fight in Shanghai, which totally screwed up my iPhone camera… I still have my point and shoot, but I don’t always take it out, so I haven’t had as much new content as I had previously… But that’s OK, because I have to sort through the insane amount of content I have anyway.

So right before my iPhone broke, it was taking some pretty interesting pictures because there was a layer of evaporated water covering the camera lens… So everything came out looking all hot and steamy, and this one was my favorite simply because this lady’s outfit deserved to have this sort of “filter” applied to it.

I don’t like making excuses for neglecting my blog, so I’ll try and relaunch ASAP so I can get back on my normal schedule. Thanks for your understanding and support!!