Helen Lee SS13 at Shanghai Fashion Week

Tonight I saw two shows at Shanghai Fashion Week, one from a promising new brand called Xi Su and another from Shanghai design veteran Helen Lee. I’ve been following Helen since she launched her eponymous label three seasons ago to what seemed to be mostly a tepid and slightly confused response at the time… She was known better for her more commercial, high street style brand called INSH (in Shanghai), but she has since then become one of the hottest tickets at Shanghai Fashion Week Helen after having proven her consistency and ability to produce unique, playful patterns that I’m sure most quirky, cool chicks would love to wear.

Speaking of cool chicks, Leaf Greener from Elle styled the show and Susie Bubble were there too!! I adore both of their styles, and think they really embody the modern, strong women that Helen and many other designers would love to dress. I’m always happy to see such talented people (especially those outside of China) come and support the Chinese fashion industry.

So for those of you who couldn’t be there tonight, here’s a couple of shots from Helen Lee’s fourth season:

If you want to check out Helen’s previous collections, you can go to chinafashioncollective.com or check out posts from past seasons:

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You can also check out the opening of Helen’s show here, but I have to warn you about my very amateur filming skillz: