It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, French Concession

I know our friends in New York have been braving a typhoon (or hurricane as they would call it), but it seems as if most people have power now and I hope things are getting better. It started to pour in Shanghai so I forewent going out for blogging, but really this small downpour doesn’t even compare to what many have been going through over the past few days… So take advantage of the weekend you New Yorkers and let loose!!

When I have a lot of pent up energy and want to go out, I prefer to dance… And although some people swear against 88 (pronounced “ba ba” in Chinese), I think it’s generally a pretty safe bet in Shanghai if you want to have fun. It’s pretty packed most weekend and weekday night, as they have pretty decent music and some intriguing live performers:

Outside of the clubs you’ll usually see something like this, which makes going out in Shanghai just that much better:

I guess some people just may need a late night cuddle, and I think buying one is some sort of requirement before leaving Shanghai… Would you New Yorkers buy something like this if you were drunk and saw this on the street?