Qiu Hao Fall/Winter 2013, Shanghai Fashion Week

Aside from almost not getting in because the venue was wayyy overpacked and being smoked out of our seats before the show even started, Hart, Denise, and I had a great time at the Qiu Hao show. For now I have two videos because I think it’s the best way to show the looks and give you a sense of the ambiance. The high contrast lighting at shows make the clothes look great in person but not so much in pictures. But keep checking in if you want to see more, as I’ve made bunch of GIFs as a sort of middle ground between video and stills. I hope you enjoy!

Qiu Hao Opening at Shanghai Fashion Week, FW13 from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

Qiu Hao, the opening show and perhaps the most highly anticipated of the FW13 season at SFW, did not disappoint. This video gives a small taste of his portentous vision, four quick looks into the mind of one of China’s most talented designers. Dark and pensive, Qiu Hao romanticized the cold and gloomy through playful fabrics and shapes, with many pieces obtaining a 3-dimensionality that is a structural and aesthetic challenge. Some of the pieces would definitely be a challenge to wear, but I would love to see those that can pull off pieces from such a collection. Game on.

Qiu Hao Finale at Shanghai Fashion Week, FW13 from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

WARNING! Turn down the volume, as the sound becomes distorted around 36 seconds (possibly because of the models)

So a troop of models trampled down the runway to give a powerful show a powerful ending. Unfortunately you can’t see every look, but you get the gist of the collection. It was primarily black and white, but it was all about the details. Patterns, textures, fabrics, and cuts gave the collection depth, and it was certainly a strong kick off for the FW13 season at SFW.