Sankuanz Fall/Winter 2013, Shanghai Fashion Week

Sankuanz Fall/Winter 2013 Finale, Shanghai Fashion Week from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

Wow. That came out of left field… or maybe it was the right. Well, wherever the Sankuanz show came from there wasn’t really anything I could find wrong with it, and that’s super rare in Shanghai. I knew of Sankuanz from boutiques like Dong Liang, but the selection was simply nice and basic. However his show at SFW was decidedly not, with so many layers and brilliant ideas that it was admittedly a bit hard to keep track. Unfortunately, at certainly one of the best shows of my life, I took some of the worst pictures and video; my excuse is that I was so engaged in the clothes that I almost forgot to take some decent shots. But I tried to just take in the awesomeness of the show, and did somehow manage to get a decent video of the finale.So here it is, a video that does no justice at all to the genius of Sankuanz and his collaborators (like the super-cool show designer Kim Kiroic).

Allow me to relive and reconsider it for a second…

OK, so I decided I can’t write well enough to even being to do the show justice, and my video is just meh compared to the real deal. But the next best thing would be to look at for the Sankuanz review by the oh-so talented Selena Schleh… And I owe anywear a shoutout anyway for the tip about the show, as I might not have attended had co-founder Alice not been in town. The Beijing-based site has plenty of great content, as well a budding e-boutique ( so check it out for the best review and pictures I could find.