Xi Su Fall/Winter 2013, Shanghai Fashion Week

Xi Su Fall/Winter 2013 Opening, Shanghai Fashion Week from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

It began with smoke floating down the runway (like a lot of the shows do), and with peaceful, natural music came peaceful, natural clothes. I was impressed with this young designer last year and made a point of returning this season to check in and see how things were developing. Her second show was off to a strong start, and then came a strong second part, and then came the slightly less convincing third part. Maybe I was getting tired, but I found that things started to repeat (colors, shapes, etc.) and monotony is almost always bad on the runway. Then came the fourth part, with civilians taking their spin on the catwalk and I became almost completely detached. It’s not that I don’t like normal people… In fact I think it’s awesome when brands use regular people to showcase their designs because it’s regular people who are buying the clothes. But the first model walked out with a smug smile and a gift bag and took all the attention away from the clothes, and that rubbed me the wrong way.

But fortunately I’ve spared you from the repetitiveness and just have a strong slice of a show from an emerging talent. I just hope next time she better edits her clothes, models, and putong de ren.