Neither Nor Fall/Winter 2013, Shanghai Fashion Week

Neither Nor Fall/Winter 2013 FInale, Shanghai Fashion Week from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

Another wonderful surprise at Shanghai Fashion Week was the Neither Nor show, which I wasn’t really planning on attending since I’d already seen Qiu Hao at the beginning of the week (Qiu Hao started Neither Nor, but Qiao Qiao now heads the brand). However, I’m so so glad I went, as pretty much everything about that show was right (which were two surprise hits in one SFW!). It was succinct and precise, straightforward and controlled. The palette was to die for, with rich but inconspicuous colors that gave off warm and cool vibes. The only disappointing aspect of this show is that we have to wait almost six months to get our hands on it, but luckily One by One is popping up around China so it should be relatively accessible.