Life on the Edge, XTD to Pu Tuo and Back

My scooter was stolen yesterday, but I found it thanks to my GPS and stole it back with the help of this Chinese woman and her power tools. I’ve named her Rosie because I don’t know her real name but she was a bad ass.


Chinese people are often stereotyped as stoic, conservative, and risk averse, but I’ve recently come across a few characters that have made me think otherwise. I’ve never seen someone so lively as they’ve had sparks fly around their face, but maybe it’s the thrill of potentially being blinded that really gets Chinese people going. I have seen many Chinese welders and the like not wear any protective gear as they let the sparks fly, and I’ve similarly witnessed Chinese people put themselves into harm’s way simply because that’s just how they’ve done it in China for such a long time. So although they admittedly love tradition, Chinese people are barely as conservative as they may appear to be at first.


But the dangers are real, you Chinese dare devils! A policeman or guard that was “helping” me got a hot load shot in his eye and obviously regretted not using protection… See if you can spot the regretful soul rubbing hot gunk from his eye.


So I’m also in the midst of renovating my patio, and the welder I got metal shelves from brought protection but didn’t use it. He was all suspended in the air and doing kung-fu-y things, and I saw he was doing it literally with his eyes closed.

So although Chinese people may not appear to be that excitable, they are certainly exciting and full of surprises and danger.