Size Matters, Lu Wan District

Chinese people love erecting giant, phallic buildings in the name of engineering (see Pudong), but those of us in the know really know that such structures are just a form of overcompensation. But does size actually matter? Can a smaller form factor still serve it’s purpose? Case and point:


I know this old man dwarfs his ride, but this tiny bike works just as well as a big bike. He may have to work harder considering his punitive tool, but he definitely still gets around. And I don’t think he’s looking to look cool, he just happens to be awesome despite what some may see as a disadvantage.

And then there is this guy:


He’s definitely trying harder than his older counterpart to look cool and working harder than his scooter brethren to get around, so what to make of him? Is he just another Chinese guy with a tiny one? Or do the neon shoes and checkered socks plus all of his hard work make up for his shortcoming? My personal opinion is similar to many others… It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it… so it’s a nice change of pace to see Chinese people who are comfortable rocking a small one. A bike, that is.