Helen Lee SS14 Finale Video, Shanghai Fashion Week


Helen Lee SS14 Finale at Shanghai Fashion Week from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

When Helen Lee’s invitations first came out announcing that this collection would be a collaboration with mega-brand Disney, there was a lot of speculation as to just how Disney the collection would end up being. The answer: super duper Disney. As the first track claimed, there was “no more pussyfootin’ around”. Helen Lee went big and bold, recreating and integrating Mickey and Minnie in very-not-subtle ways. But the designer maintained a sense of herself, creating silhouettes that we have all come to know and love from this veteran designer. It was quite the challenge to balance the commercial and creative, to re-imagine such iconic characters that are so beloved by so many. Any lesser designer could have easily made this collaboration go awry, but Helen Lee managed to deeply integrate Disney’s most iconic iconography while maintaining a sense of self and design, which is certainly not an easy task when partnering with one of the most powerful and well-known brands of all time. It may have been overtly commercial in nature, but that may just pay off in the end. Such pieces will most likely invoke nostalgia and find resonance with a large number of us still in touch with our inner child, but the we will have to wait and see if the collection will be a commercial success. It was certainly a laudable effort to elevate Disney into the realm of fashion, and there are few others who could accomplish what Helen Lee has.

Check out stills from the show here: https://chinesepeopledoyoustyle.com/2013/10/29/helen-lee-ss14-show-pictures/