Ricostru SS14 Finale Video, Shanghai Fashion Week

IMG_20131120_004725Ricostru SS14 Finale at Shanghai Fashion Week from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

Ricostru yet again demonstrated a restrained but refined aesthetic. The designer’s work is mature far beyond her few years, but mature in the best way possible. The designer constructs simple and elegant clothing that is intelligent and thoughtful, demanding that one really takes a second and third look before beginning to understand these understated garments. There are always hidden details that pop up and delight you, and the brand is known for having some of the best materials in Mainland China. Lasting and comfortable, minimal yet evocative, this designer is definitely one to watch.

Check out stills from the show here: https://chinesepeopledoyoustyle.com/2013/11/18/ricostru-ss14-show-pictures/