Content SS14 Finale Video, Shanghai Fashion Week

IMG_20131029_214842Content目录 SS14 Finale at Shanghai Fashion Week from Timothy Parent on Vimeo.

Content is always one of the most-exhilarating shows at Shanghai Fashion Week, and this season was no exception. With a great venue, music, and graphics, it was a full-on experience that I won’t soon forget… Oh ya, and the clothes were INCREDIBLE. My favorite pieces were silk-wool blends with Swarovski crystal embellishments that were so bright I thought they were actually flickering lights. The models looked like they were almost on fire in some of the garments, reflecting so much light that I thought someone might have a seizure. I almost tinkled in my pants from delight of all the twinkling, but after talking to the designer I found that the collection was more conceptual and deeper than all the glitz would lead you to believe. With embroidered hands and animations on the walls of hands signing “development” in sign language, the collection was an homage to the intense, baffling modernity of Shanghai, and a reflection upon all the changes the metropolis undergoes on a daily basis. So not only was the collection beautiful, but it was also meaningful, which is a potent combination and makes Content a force to be reckoned with.

Check out stills from the show here: