TOYZ!!, The Ghetto


It’s almost that time of year again, and you know what that meanz for dem secular youngsterz… lotz and lotz of TOYZ!!! duh. isntthatwhatchristmasisallabout?

I know Chinese kidz have long been encouraged to play with gunz (check out some of the propoganda from the 60s/70s, it’s some scary ish), but I don’t think violence, even if it’s simulated/pretend or to protect one’s country, is necessarily the way forward nowadays. I love that we have many rights in the US but I have to say I’m quite OK with no civilians having a gun in China. We should encourage kids to play with things that are constructive, not destructive… We should also create an environment for our progeny so that they have no reason to use a gun. Ever. Wouldn’t that be an awesome holiday miracle for all?