Spring Cleaning, the Internets


So it’s basically a New Year in China (Lunar New Year ends on February 14th officially, I believe) so I thought I should do a bit of Spring Cleaning and organize my blog a bit. I’ve been putting it off for a long, long time, but now that “Categories” drop-down menu you see in the right-hand column is FINALLY organized… like almost 100%. So please, please take a look at it cause there is a lot of content from before that you might find fun and/or informative. I have over 300 posts, so a lot of posts are buried, but hopefully this will help y’all find my previous work.

Also, there is now a “Categories” drop-down menu with a selection of my favorite categories at the top of my blog. I’ve also updated the Shanghai Fashion Week drop-down menu that is also at the top of my blog to include pretty much ALL of my reviews of fashion shows I’ve seen in Shanghai (and a couple from Beijing/Guangzhou, etc.)

So I hope you enjoy the updates, cause they took a really long time and were super tedious. But now I feel good, and I hope it will help you make more use of my blog.

And thank you for reading!!!!!!