Black Spoon SS15 Fashion Show at FashionNow, Beijing

So I only caught the beginning of this show because they started 45 minutes late and I had to catch my flight back to Shanghai, but I did get a few snaps and a general impression of the brand. I had never heard of them before, and I love finding new talent, so I risked missing my flight (I didn’t thank goodness, Beijing is a pit of pollution)… Anyway, I’ll have to wait for their next collection and see their entire show because I was only able to gather that they were a bit pirate-y, but feminine, flowy pirates. I like the contrast between dark/gothic and light/romantic, but I’ll have to wait and see how the brand develops before I have any real opinion because I really don’t have a comprehensive understanding. Here’s what I saw:

20141012_204441 20141012_204505 20141012_204524 20141012_204646 20141012_204701 20141012_204703