Evening SS15 Fashion Show at FashionNow, Beijing

I saw one show from Evening before at the same event last season, and I didn’t completely get it… There were certainly a lot of interesting ideas, but I think the problem was that there were too many interesting ideas all in one place. This collection seemed much more coherent, and I’m always happy to see designers improve every season. This was certainly a step forward for Evening, and I love how she contrasted black/white with hypercolorful pieces. Of course my phone couldn’t pick up all the incredible colors, but in person these pieces are certainly something to behold. I think it was also more wearable than some of the other collections, so this balance of the creative and commercial is always nice to see, especially from a Beijing-based brand which tend to be more focused on celebrities/media, since BJ is where they all be. I’m sure she has her cult following, which is only going to grow as long as she keeps improving like this. Check it out!

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