Vega Wang SS15 Fashion Show at FashionNow, Beijing

This was Vega’s second fashion show ever, and I’m glad to see the consistency… Actually, consistency might be an understatement. She is making leaps and bounds in her design, as she is really honing in on a singular aesthetic that is informed by both her Chinese background as well as her Western education as Central Saint Martins. She is one of the most promising young talents in China, and I love seeing her turn her creativity into something that is commercially viable. She has a different kind of femininity, perhaps a bit more subtle, which I think makes it all the more feminine. I mean, yes, there were some nipples (actually a lot), but her cuts and choice of fabrics have a certain elegance and maturity to them that I think many women and men alike will find attractive. She also started out the whole event with models on bikes, which hints at how down to earth and wearable her clothes truly are. Definitely watch out for this one!

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