Boundless 没边 SS15 at Shanghai Fashion Week, Xin Tian Di

I was super stoked for Zhang Da’s show this season, as he’s one of the funniest designers I know (meaning super playful), but this season seemed a bit more toned down. I don’t know if it was because he was trying to be more commercial or what, but his clothes didn’t have the “UMPH” of last season. That being said, the show overall was incredibly well produced, with changing lights, greattt music, and fun balloons. He continued to use normal people as models, and had a few props that kept the show engaging, but if you want to just talk about the clothes then there are definitely a few pieces I’d really like to have and a few pieces I think many women would like to have, but overall it was on the lighter side for Zhang Da. I know this guy is a design genius, but the show seemed almost too easy, ya know? Anyway, don’t write him off just for this one “light” collection, because he has been and always will be a fundamental part of Chinese design… just don’t tell him that!

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