Content 目录 SS15 at Shanghai Fashion Week, Xin Tian Di

I’ve been following Content for forever, and I think this was unfortunately my least favorite show from her… She always has the best shows every season (or nearly) because she really considers space, music, lighting, etc. because she has a background in architecture. Unfortunately I felt like she skimped a bit this year, and that might be because she’s been around the block. She’s done SFW a lot, and has always collaborated with very interesting artists to create stunning collections. She’s back with some interesting digital prints of the US, which was her inspiration for this season, but it honestly looked to me to be a bit shallow… It’s like an American designer doing a Chinese collection and using just the surface for inspiration. Of course it was intriguing to me to see how a Chinese designer would interpret the US and American iconography, but there wasn’t that much interpretation. I mean designers get busy like everyone else, so I hope this was more of a fluke that a path for her, because Content really has the potential to be one of the most interesting and thoughtful brands in China. Maybe I’m being harsh as an American, but she’s going to have to dig a lot deeper if she wants to go global in terms of inspiration and clientele.

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