Deepmoss SS15 at Shanghai Fashion Week, Xin Tian Di

So this was the first time that I saw this brand’s show, but I met the designer last season and saw her collection up close and personal. I loved it’s natural nature, but this collection didn’t resonate with me like the last one did. Maybe it’s because the designer wasn’t explaining it to me in person, but I also thought that there were strange elements like the unicorn horn at the very end and a giant screen face mask… I mean, some of the prints were breathtakingly gorgeous, and if she did them herself then that certainly deserves a bravo. I think a lot of her cuts were also very flattering and natural, but maybe I was just tired because it was at the end of SFW and I was kinda over it… I’m not really impressed by seeing collections that are passable nice, I’m looking for collections that will knock my socks off because I know China can offer that. I think that this brand has enormous potential, but I don’t think they reached their full potential this season. Anyway, you can make your own judgements:

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