JINNNN SS15 at Shanghai Fashion Week, Xin Tian Di

This was perhaps the most anticipated show of the season, as Jin Chong Yu has positioned himself as an artist and not a designer… Well he’s come down from the pretense to court the masses with his first commercial collection, and I have to say it was a major letdown. For someone who positions himself as an artist, where was the artistry? I know a lot of designers who barely call themselves designers, let alone artists, and they seem to care way more about their craft than this guy. Maybe it’s because he thinks he doesn’t have to do well, as this industry is below him and his “art”… Or maybe it’s because everyone is super loose with their clapping now, like they’ve never seen a show in their life and that is what is expected at the end of every collection. Well, guess what everyone, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CLAP FOR MEDIOCRITY. I heard this was a collaboration with Lane Crawford, and all the pieces were one of a kind, which really makes it not risky because you only need to get one person to buy each garment… But I guess I’m calling it mediocre because it wasn’t commercially viable and it wasn’t really editorially viable. I didn’t see the value in the collection, which obviously did very little for me. Maybe I should stop my complaining and let you just look for yourself:

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