Wander 雲遊 SS15 at Shanghai Fashion Week, Xin Tian Di

So this was the big surprise show this season… I wasn’t expecting much at all, as a young girl came into the store that I work at and offered us tickets. She looked cool enough and there was another show just before it so we’d be there anyway, so we gladly accepted. The show before was a major letdown, and I was ready to give up on Shanghai Fashion Week (I’ve been doing this for 11 seasons now, so it should be getting better, right?) but this really saved the whole thing. I mean, it was just a breath of fresh air, and although there were places that could be improved, I saw the potential in this young designer. I really loved the way he played with cuts and colors, and think he’s marching to his own drummer. I cannot wait to see what he does in the future, cause you can’t really judge from one collection, but I will definitely, definitely be following this guy because it isn’t only aesthetically pleasing and conceptual, it’s also a collection that I would absolutely love to wear:

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