Head to Toe, Nan Chang Road

Guyzzzzzz, I’m baaaaacccccckkkkkkk! And that means so are pictures of Chinese people on da streets!!

Soooooo… summer is officially here after a long rainy season and people are breaking out their summer gear, but you’d probably not expect them to be covered head to toe. It doesn’t seem to be the logical way to beat the heat (90+ degrees every day, every night ugh), but it’s the method used by many Chinese bicyclers:


But the cape provides shade, which is great if the sun actually makes it through the smog layer! So in theory it works, and it keeps Chinese people white, so it’s a win-win, right?


And thennnnn there is the “I look awesome/kinda like I’m from Harry Potter” factor, soooo to me this is a triple win.


I won’t personally be adopting this style cause I like to be toasted, not toasty… But it’s just another example of the unique psyche of Chinese people, so RESPECT.