A More Refined China, Shanghai Railway Station

The way Chinese people dress has changed pretty dramatically since I first came here six years ago. Sure, there were always well-dressed Chinese people, but they were the privileged and international… Now dressing well is much more democratic, and everyday Mainlanders are quickly catching up and even surpassing their so-called first-world counterparts in terms of style and refinement. Perhaps they are hyper-conscious of this thing we call fashion after the world started covering buildings, streets, magazines, and people alike in conspicuous logos that labeled certain people rich, while implying that others were poor. But style isn’t inextricably tied to wealth, and Chinese consumers are finding and expressing themselves… they no longer need validation from the West or big brands, although there is even more cultural mixing now than ever. Take, for example, this uber dapper dude:


Sure, he’s dressed like the West with a collared shirt, suspenders, and slacks, but it’s the subtlety and refinement that’s the important story here. He is distinguished without conspicuous labels, quietly confident and as comfortable in his clothes as he is in his own skin. He’s a little funky yet still professional, striking a balance that many have yet to find… But be certain that this is more and more what the new China will look like.