Beat the Heat, Shanghai

Most people don’t look forward to typhoons, but in Shanghai they are known to bring the best weather (and the lowest PM 2.5 levels!). With brief, refreshing rainstorms and a constant wind, the city has finally cooled down a bit AND is breathable for but a brief moment in time… But it will certainly get blazingly hot and polluted again before summer gives way to fall.

But maybe we’ve already had our fair share of oppressively hot and humid days… Most people make a special effort to stay inside (or leave Shanghai altogether) during the summer, but sometimes you have to go outside… Luckily there are a number of ways for Chinese people to keep cool, like putting a cardboard box over your head:


Or if you don’t have a cardboard box you can put your jacket over your head:

And if you don’t have a box or a jacket, any rag will do (bonus cool points if it’s wet!):

But for those who are truly prepared, they’ll whip out their cape, rag, visor triple combo, and secure it all with a clothespin:

You gotta do whatcha gotta do to beat the heat!!