Armed and Not Dangerous, Huang Pu District

Kids love toys, and Chinese kids are no exception. Take, for example, these two adorable little girls:

But despite their cuteness I still don’t know how I feel about toy guns for kids, even if they are as harmless as a water gun… I mean, the smaller girl looks like she may not be enjoying it that much, but that’s most likely because she was the one that got shot:

Sooooo this topic may be a bit heavy for this blog, but I do like to explore cultural phenomenon and tendencies through photos and anecdotes. I know I had a lot of fun with water guns as a child and currently feel 0 need to have a real gun, but these little girls are just one instance in which parents had (knowingly or unknowingly) weaponized their kids as a form of “fun” and there are plenty of other Chinese children who think guns are fun (the shooter is obviously having a BLAST! hahaha pun intended):