Womenly Women, Xin Tian Di

Sooooo Chinese people are kinda notorious for their androgyny, whether it be physical or material… The physical aspect is not really controllable, but the way one dresses and styles the self totally is.

I love seeing Chinese women in menswear, such as jackets and button-up shirts, and vice versa, but sometimes women dressed like women can be oh-so-right. Take, for example, this classy lass:


She is still rocking a collar, but the color and the cinch waist are anything but masculine… and she looks GREAT, doesn’t she?

Our next case in point would be this floral, frilly homage to femininity. Usually I HATE frills, especially in China because there are SO MANY, but I really like the shape here. The real winner is the print, because even though florals are so so trite, they are also so so right sometimes, especially in this tone: