The Scalpers, Shanghai Fashion Week

Sooooo Shanghai Fashion Week is starting again, and it’s my 13th consecutive season… but the scalping phenomenon has only been going on for the past 3 or 4 seasons thanks(?) to the likes of the people below:

This guy really gets in your face, and I figured out the only way to get them off of you is if you take a picture of them… I’m particularly proud of this one:

But if you’re not buying they’ll harass you about selling your tickets… and it could be profitable since all the tickets are given away, not sold, since designers only invite buyers, media, customers, and people that they actually do business with. It wasn’t really open to the public before, but now the public can buy their way into the shows… which isn’t entirely bad, but it also isn’t entirely good either.

There are literally droves of men and women who are clearly not there for fashion week and are simply exploiting the booming popularity of local fashion designers in recent years… But the sad part is that none of this financial gain goes to the designers… the profit clearly goes into the pockets of the scalpers, who have been steadily increasing prices over the past few seasons despite not knowing the good shows from the bad ones. Tickets last season went from 100rmb-400rmb ($15-$60), but VIP tickets can fetch a hefty price. They are risking a lot though, as unsold tickets become obsolete as soon as the show starts.

But the real question is, where do they get their supply in the first place? They seem to have tickets for every show, which is virtually impossible to get unless you know every brand that is showing at SFW, which is about 40-50… let the conspiracy theories begin!!