Jacqueline and her Beanstalks, On Top of Shanghai

I really really really didn’t want to post about this because everyone else already has, but I had like 8 million opportunities to take pictures of Chinese people with a range of vegetation clipped to their heads… from mini lilypads to baby mushrooms, there’s a vast array of plastic bits that you can pick up for about 5 kuai (or less than 1 US dollar) and become one of many people literally buying into this trend. I don’t like the idea of trends because I think they are artificial and contrived, but this seems as natural as trends get… this isn’t only because these sprouts directly reflect and are inspired by nature, but it’s also because sprouts has become one, if not the only, identifiable trend that is genuinely uniquely Chinese. Albeit a bit strange, it’s at the very least a representation of Chinese people starting something that has become something of an international phenomenon… although I doubt you’ll see many Parisians hopping on this bandwagon.