China Art Book Fair, Pudong

I recently went all the way to Pu-Jersey to check out some artistic books, and in the end I was super stoked I made the trek… Not only because the publications were great, but the crowd was also super cool. They were generally pretty young, but their style was on fleek!! For example:


I believe this was either one of the vendors or workers at the event, but for me she kind of stole the show!


But there were hints and flairs of personality everywhere,


and it was generally restrained and simple:


All of these youngsters are great examples of how the next generation isn’t as blingy as previous ones, but they still stand out. They all exude their own sense of style, but they aren’t super flashy like they were in 2010. Of course there are still youth that will peacock and showoff, but at the fair was a special group of people that are designing China or at least interested in it.


I think Chinese kids are going to be soooo hopelessly cool in the future!