chinesepeopledoyou 有style is a blog dedicated to the exploration of China’s unique material culture. We believe that beauty exists in all things, and the complexity and diversity of the Chinese sartorial system demands a deeper examination of both culture and heritage in order to see all the wonderful things Chinese people have to offer. We also believe that humor can exist in all things, and hope that you will thus find this blog to be both enjoyable and empathetic.

The name chinesepeopledoyou有style is derived from the blog’s previous incarnation chinesepeoplehavenostyle.com. Although the content of the previous blog was not meant to judge or offend, those who didn’t read the blog were put off by what they assumed it was about… So out of respect for both Chinese people and our readers, we decided to change the blog’s name to chinesepeopledoyou有style for a relaunch that coincides both with the blog’s 3rd anniversary and the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Fashion Week. The new name claims that Chinese people do have style, as you 有 means “have” in Chinese, but it also poses the question to Chinese people: do you style?

We think they do, as style in inherent to culture as well as the individual… So we are here to find out exactly what “Chinese style” is, and then celebrate the sh*t out of it.