Chinese Fashion Designers

China has lots of fashion, but style is only just emerging.

Some say it’s because of the Cultural Revolution, but I would cite cultural imperialism by large Western brands as the main culprit of suppressing the practice of style in China.

Such brands and their products are enforcing policed social meanings onto the Chinese consumer at an alarming rate and are creating a homogenized aesthetic of ruxury throughout society.

But as true designers create style, Chinese designers can help to diversify the market. Chinese designers are the key to finding new, unique perspectives and meanings in fashion by interpreting China’s rich cultural, historical, and philosophical traditions. As a group, they can use their domestic heritage to create new aesthetic traditions for the global fashion system while giving the Chinese an alternative to homogenous ruxury that currently dominates Chinese sartorial society.

Here are the designers who are helping to diversify the domestic fashion industry and facilitate the development of style in China.

Womenswear: Uma Wang, Pari Chen, Ma Ke, Boundless, Decoster, Content, Vega Zaishi Wang, Ricostru, Joseph Li, Exception de MixMind, Qiu Hao, Masha Ma, ZucZug

Menswear: Cha Gang, Xander Zhou, May J., Decoster Concept, S2VS, Exception de MixMind, ZucZug

Accessories: CHairEYES, Kim Kiroic, Lina MaMary Ching, Heavy Machine, Shaoo, Flying Scissors, WAN